Why a website?

Some may say that personal websites are quite 90’s, but I decided to create one anyway. The reason being, I figured that this is a great way to have full control of one’s public image. I value privacy and not only because of my job in information security. Unlike the most of social media services, a personal website gives you full control to arrange all data that is publicly available of you. Also you get to keep rights for your data at yourself.

Already a few years ago, in 2010, Mark Zuckenberg claimed that the age of privacy would be over. I couldn’t disagree with him more. The world is getting digital with a fast pace. Clouds, Big Data, machine learning and similar technological trends are increasingly reminding us about the importance of individual’s privacy.

Here is my idea of benefits that personal websites offer:

  • You and only you have rights for your data
  • You are not a trading asset
  • Nobody else can post things about you
  • Freedom to choose the content and data model of your website
  • Freedom to design your visual layout

As a con, I’d mention that it’s a bit more tricky to set up a website comparing to setting up a Facebook profile. Anyway there are a bunch of free or affordable tools and services that can help you with that. A small investment of time and maybe a few bucks, will give you your independence.

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