Battle of privacy

Since social media and mobile internet started growing its popularity, the questions of privacy became a constant topic among the computer enthusiasts. When Edward Snowden blowed his whistle in 2013 the battle of privacy began its whole new chapter. US government got angry because of Snowden revealing their secrets about them snooping other people’s’ secrets. Suddenly the fears, stories and speculations of foil hats around the world became true. The big brother exists and its tricks were now public knowledge. After media writing about this for awhile people started to take sides. Regular people started to pay more attention on their privacy matters – or on the other team people kept ignoring them. I have been following media in Europe and paid attention especially in political discussions about this topic. It seems to me that there are plenty of politicians out there that seem not to understand what this thing is really about. The same goes for regular people like some of my friends.